Cure Your Lockdown Boredom with these 5 Cool Gadgets

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1) Happy Plugs designed in Sweden

Gold AirPods (Happy Plugs)

Known for its vibrant fashion and music scene. Born with the ambition of transforming essential tech accessories into fashion must-haves. Their products are pure and elegant, but still fun and affordable.

Fashion and style are delivered through each of their products down to their unique packaging. fashion ish approach to the idea of an air Potts alternative.

They look like real gold, they are not real gold but they simulate the look very well so you could be flashing in front of your friends.

This is a limited edition but they have many other colors available on their website some are pre- order.

They have the air one, air one plus, air one go which is a smaller version of it. They’ve got a new in-ear style which is their pro model if interested you should first check for availability.

 if you look on the back here limited to 250 pieces I don’t know maybe you could spam them and try to get them to make it again but this evaluation will apply to the variety of products they have

If you can find a color that you like and I think that’s really their claim to fame at the moment is a tremendous number of colors to choose from pink and and marble and white and pink gold black they say high quality audio silicone sleeves 

14 hours of battery supports iOS and Android sweat resistant bluetooth 5o dual microphones and touch commands now I got to be honest with you guys in the past I’ve had a hard time finding an air pods alternative that I like that is in the exact same design style as air pods

Don’t try to mimic air pods in their shape and style but instead just go for something different, go for an in-ear style and something like that. It’s understandable that people want something slim and trim and slender like the happy plugs :).

Actually this finish looks really nice it’s gonna attract a tremendous number of fingerprints that’s for certain but this it looks like a gold-plated earbud in line with that viral video where that jeweler who I mentioned in the past did an actual gold plated version of these but these these look pretty good actually

The case and this is super lightweight plastic by the way look at the fingerprints already and not that I’m surprised it’s a mirror finish but my goodness that’s gonna look good for about five minutes and then never again afterwards it actually wants you to charge the earbuds before using them for 15 minutes it’s a budget product you kind of come to expect

62% Overall

2) Hybrid Drive


This thing is called hybrid drive which is actually a bit confusing because I did a quick google on the word hybrid drive is something people have been using for a long period of time as a generic term

People look for expansion on their laptop and this one takes it a step further it’s not just doc instead it also gives you an option to expand your storage through a fast m2 SSD that you can put inside of this enclosure.

It’s gonna connect via USB type-c and then give you an SD card slot a micro SD card slot 2 USB a ports and a full size HDMI out to connect to an external monitor storage up to 2 terabytes that’s just the max size that you’re probably gonna find currently for an m2 up to 450 megabytes per second read and write speed and 4k up to 60 Hertz over the HDMI connector.

For an early unit it feels pretty snug pretty sturdy what why does that is that supposed to come off so this is like this is just a cap oh never mind so this is a cap and a cable you can connect to any device you like with this type C cable which pops out of the unit you take your device you plug into the type C port.

Then you open up all of the potential expansion and the internal m2 storage this is not an enclosure it looks like it’s got storage it does it’s got a kingston 2 terabyte in it remove this cap and then plug it directly into a laptop.

I guess some other I mean here’s an iPad I wonder what would happen here why couldn’t you do this to more importantly if you have one of these guys a laptop with a type C port on it then you’re gonna be able to do this like that and have that sit on the side without the need for a cable it makes me a little worried sitting there on the singel type-c connector that if it gets banged it’s a desk.

You connect it to a smart phone to show an iPad it’s cool. I kind of wish that the construction was a little bit more robust; it comes in four different configurations. Two terabytes of storage

70% Overall

3) Logitech Combo Plus

See video above for visual explanation of what’s discussed below

New Microsoft Surface stuff came out including the surface go and the keyboard that comes with that or as an accessory and I was complaining about the Apple alternative on they’re inexpensive iPad.

They upgraded the keyboard for the iPad pro. The magic keyboard is their new one. I don’t have it yet. It should be here very soon so this is kind of a cool in-between it’s the combo touch from Logitech.

logitech combo plus

logitech combo plus

For that seventh generation affordable iPad that’s the iPad that’s just over three hundred bucks you had this case and you essentially get what Apple really should have made in the first place which is a tactile feedback keyboard case for the cheaper iPad this is a hundred and fifty bucks.

So the whole thing is not all that inexpensive at that point but it’s still a lot cheaper than an iPad pro set up this guy what is he doing he’s browsing and readings watching movies because it’s also a stand doing some drawing backlit keyboard as well so there is the keyboard and it has a nice oh it’s a nice fabric feel to it.

The other portion that will actually go around the iPad and protect it that’s that it’s a lot more protective than what Apple is selling.

Just to recap you might not realize this when you go to purchase it this is actually the keyboard case that Apple sells for the inexpensive iPad and you can tell right away these keys with this nylon synthetic covering this is not a satisfying experience as a case.

It’s just covering the front of the iPad. I’ll show you what I’m talking about here real quick close like this and it has a strange part of the bulge and then the back of the iPad is completely exposed and then also when you go to crack it open it’s a multi-step process.

logitech combo plus layout

logitech combo plus layout

There was an opening for Logitech to make something like this now as a quick comparison up until this product came you had products like the Microsoft Surface go which had keyboards like this and this is more comparable to what Logitech has offered.

Tactile buttons trackpad below and this one has Alcantara this is the more expensive cover oh you know what I may give I may give this one to the Logitech it’s a it’s actually hard to say this one is spread out a little bit more you can see the special Keys up along top are a bit larger than what Microsoft gives you on the surface.

I think we just made the Apple iPad go this is now this is the competition for the Microsoft Surface go in reality because you have the inexpensive iPad you’re around five hundred bucks total.

You have the trackpad, you have the keyboard and you even have the kickstand plus full coverage on the protection.

There is a loop on the top for the pen I have to say that’s a fairly polished package now the angles look at the angle availability as well you can go basically flat or sort of a ninety degree a laptop style of angle as well now the other benefit here you can just pop the keyboard off.

Now you have a case kickstand which leads us to conclude that Logitech actually nailed it here I think Logitech has actually out-thought Apple on this one.

I haven’t tried the magic keyboard to be clear but compared to the other ones that I’ve tried this is the most robust accessory or version of a laptop replacement ipad setup that I’ve reviewed.

You have controls for the backlight on the keyboard itself multimedia keys and volume controls at your disposal so yeah it’s a keyboard it’s connected there’s full trackpad support on the latest software version of course at any point you can reach up and touch the display as well it’s sturdier than I expected.

Just that little kickstand when you kind of tap or have to touch the display your multimedia keys work as expected. Brightness works as expected. This is a billion times better than the keyboard case you can get for this iPad from Apple.

Look at that nice little package does make it heavier does make it fatter put your around 500 bucks for the package and I really liked the fact that they didn’t make it a whole solid thing.

So if you don’t need the keyboard you just leave that part and now you have a case for your iPad and a kickstand you can prop it up for video conferencing video watching.

72% Overall

4) Multi Device Wireless Charger

This one is called powered and it’s a multi device wireless charger man we’ve seen so many of these types of things emerge recently this is a 25 watt charge dock they say it can be up to 2 times faster than what I guess other wireless chargers

Over heat protection and fast charging for Apple and Samsung phones and I presume others as well they probably just targeted those ones because they’re popular Qi certified no scratch surface you can see the way they have it set up here they have some air pods a phone and an Apple watch

Presumably you could do two phones we’ll test it out we’ll see if that’s possible oh nice little unboxing experience so far look at this the shape of that box so in here we have a power brick that’s a hefty power brick right there but it would have to be to deliver the 25 watts this is capable of this one lets you prop up your phone in this kind of position which is nice for the bedside table to just have it standing upright and then it lets you charge a secondary device on the flat section kind of rubberized feel.

You’re not gonna feel nervous about your device sitting on there you pop your phone on this one has a case on it but a very thin case obviously and boom you’re charging up no problem now if you take some air pods for example you drop them down on this section and those are charging now in the case of the oneplus there’s no warp charge here it’s just your typical slightly upgraded wireless charging

If you take the Apple watch and you pop it on the far side over here there we go we got the indicator on that one as well I don’t know about having to watch all the way up here it’s a bit strange this is also using a third-party watch band which is a bit heavier so it kind of wants to droop a little bit but it’s definitely convenient to have the singular charger whether it’s on the bedside table in the living room wherever you keep it they can how was your device’s when they’re not in use and keep them charged now

 if we remove the air pods and instead replace it with another phone let’s see what happens there so that one’s charging up that’s the s20 ultra this one is still charging as well and you have the watch which is still getting power also so that’s two phones and a watch so I think this is gonna be a popular choice for people looking for an all-in-one charger maybe in the kitchen on the bedside table

Like I said probably the main drawback is gonna be price it’s a hundred and twenty nine bucks it comes in white and black and it’ll send up to ten watts of wireless power which is supported by a number of different devices so that is faster than a lot of wireless chargers that are out there and of course you have the Logitech brand name which maybe will make you a bit comfier than buying some charger from a brand that’s new to the space or that you haven’t heard of before

Few different products in this video we have the multiple wireless charger we have the combo touch keyboard case also from Logitech we had the golden fingerprint magnet the sorta unusual cyberpunk unboxing knife and the hyper drive SSD slash port expander for your laptop or mobile device.

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