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Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns (PC) is the first full expansion to NCSOFT’s highly rated MMORPG Guild Wars 2. Heart of Thorns adds a large number of improvements to the game, as well as new territories to discover and explore in search of new quests worthy of your character’s heroism. Heart of Thorns expands the endgame content of Guild Wars 2, providing new progression without raising the level cap or invalidating the gear your character have.

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by Michelle Snow
Never had a problem
I have a feeling most people who have had problems with the keys are not completely computer saavy. Some are legit, I understand, but I have purchased 50+ keys and NEVER had an issue, not once. All of my purchases were for Win 10 various versions. And they always worked flawlessly. It looks as though you no longer offer Windows keys. Is it true?

Thank you
Michelle I

by Ken Fry
I’ve been buying Microsoft products…
I’ve been buying Microsoft products from these guys for almost two years now, over 90 transactions, and they are wonderful and very professional. I know their keys are legitimate Microsoft products because an update caused Outlook 2016 to malfunction, called Microsoft, gave them the key and got the problem resolved. I would recommend them.

by Esstet
Registered and successfully purchased a Windows 10 key.
Was a bit confused as I registered the wrong email address (made a typo) and then have to contact support to somehow resolve this.
Please doublecheck your email when registering!

by VR Vralago
It was very fast the service
It was very fast the service, I liked 5 stars

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