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Diving into some of the hottest new products and 2020 technology trends on the horizon for the new year. What to look out for with the future of technology.

Technology is advancing at a pace that quickens every year. In fact, some scientists claim that it’s increasing exponentially. The devices and products are improving at a rate never seen before.

5G is coming5G is coming in 2020…

5G Data
Cell phone users around the country are looking forward to the 5G data roll out. In a few years, 4G will seem as slow as dial up internet.

Of course, 5G is already out there. However, it’s still pretty limited and cost prohibitive. Next year, cell phone users can hope to see these networks expand and become more affordable.

These connections are faster and more stable. Individuals and businesses will be able to provide better services and resources than ever before.

It’s no secret that autonomous cars are out there, but in 2020, we’re bound to see more improvements to this technology. This is much more than a car that can drive itself.

Consumers can expect to see more autonomous features for braking and lane changing as car companies work on creating fully autonomous cars. This also means legislative changes in how to regulate this new industry.

These changes will also impact the trucking and shipping industries. In the future, it’s likely that these jobs will be phased out.

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence has long evolved from a science fiction media trope. It’s a regular feature in some of the most common processes that consumers may be unaware of.

Even navigation apps use artificial intelligence to help users improve their navigation paths, learning from past navigation. These forms of automation are expected to lead to job losses, so it’s essential that modern workers become familiar with their competition — computers.

Machine Learning
Machine learning is an advanced part of artificial intelligence that gives machines the capability to use data as they see fit. The data should be used to improve performance. Essentially, the machines “learn” how to better complete their processes.

This field is growing and this growth means more jobs. While automation may phase out more simple human tasks, the machine learning field needs skilled professionals to help with programming.

If you’re unfamiliar with artificial intelligence and machine learning, it would be wise to fit IT training into your busy work schedule.

Robotic Process Automation

Another exciting aspect of artificial intelligence is Robotic Process Automation. This entails software taking over and automating menial, administrative tasks across industries.

Although this sounds scary for some workers, these tasks often can’t be completely automated. That means knowledge of RPA can help an employee offer efficient solutions to their company and help them become an invaluable asset.

More 2020 Technology Trends
These 2020 technology trends are essential to keep many sectors growing, improving, and functioning. Efficiency and performance in today’s world means staying on top of these trends.

Diving into some of the hottest new products and 2020 technology trends on the horizon for the new year. What to look out for with the future of technology.

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