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Technology can be a blessing or a curse. In a sea of apps and gadgets galore, some really do make life better. Here are five examples of useful gadgets.

Do you remember late-night commercials that boasted the latest and greatest gadgets for a steal? You could always tell who was a night-owl by the number of “as shown on TV” products they had laying in a pile somewhere in their house. As a result, many gadgets have gotten a bad rap. However, especially with technology being what it is today, some gadgets can be incredibly helpful. To that end, here is a review of the top five useful gadgets that actually do impact our lives in a positive way. There is something for everyone on this list.

  1. For Pets – Programmable Pet Feeder
    Automatic pet feeders are a huge help for the busy pet owner as well as the parent whose kids were supposed to own the responsibility of feeding Fido but fell short. All you have to do is enter whether your pet is a cat or dog, the pet’s name (and photo), and the size of your pet. The program then uses that data to determine the amount of distribution per serving. Once you fill the food container, the feeder releases the necessary allotment of food however many times per day you designate. Certain models can send you a notification on your phone when the food gets low and some even have a camera so you can check in on your pet in your absence. There are two main options: automatic pet feeders or smart pet feeders. One of the most highly recommended brands of automatic pet feeders is Westlink. From their range, the Westlink 7L auotomatic pet feeder is a great choice. I can whole-heatedly recommend this one because it is the one I use to feed my own pets at home. For the smart feeder option, the Westlink 7L Automatic Smart Feeder would be my recommendation. If you’re looking for something a little more tech orientated and fun try the Skymee Owl Robot Treat Dispenser. Not only does it keep you in constant visual and voice contact with your pet from wherever you are, it dispenses treats, keeps them company, and can also act as an added level of home security.
  2. For Kids – Night Light
    Kids’ night lights have come a long way! No more plugging a simple, small bulb into an electrical outlet in their bedroom and hoping for the best. Today’s night lights are cool gadgets that act as projectors and cast a soothing scene onto the wall and/or ceiling. Many night lights also feature sleep music or relaxing sounds that can be chosen at will. The combination of light and sound helps children to feel safe and fall asleep quickly. My two recommendations here would be the Omeril Night Light (2 Pack) for your simple night-light requirements, and the smart option that you can control from your phone would be the Hatch Baby Smart Night Light.
  3. For Friends, Family, and Contractors – Smart Lock Home Kit
    A smart lock home kit lets you grant home access to contractors, cleaners, service people, and friends and family even when you are not there. You simply set a code and assign it to the people coming by for a designated period of time. This ensures they are permitted entry for a specific reason, which is revoked after the use. Many styles have corresponding apps that allow you to control the lock remotely as well as see the video. The 3rd Generation August Smart Lock Pro is a super stylish, easy to operate smart lock that is both key and mobile phone operated. Couple this with Wyze Cam Indoor Smart Home camera and there won’t be much going on in and around your home that you won’t know about in real-time!
  4. For the Global Health Crisis – Pulse Oximeter
    A pulse oximeter is a small, battery-operated device that is placed on the index finger and measures heartbeat and oxygen saturation level. While these devices have been around for some time and are popular with fitness enthusiasts, they are extra helpful with the current health crisis. Sometimes people feel okay but actually have decreased oxygen supply due to pneumonia. Others know they are sick, but they are not sick enough to be admitted into the hospital. A pulse oximeter allows you to measure oxygen saturation levels from home and can be a useful indicator as to whether and when it is appropriate to seek medical help. A great example here is the SantaMedical Gen 2 Finger Pulse Oximeter for its accuracy and ease of use.
  5. For You – Alexa
    You didn’t think we’d forget about you, did you? Okay, this one might not be a surprise, but that should just be an indication of its utility. Having an Alexa is like having your own personal assistant who can keep track of your grocery list, remind you of dates and task deliverable’s, play music, tell you a joke, answer trivia questions, provide a news report, and sync with your smart TV to initiate streaming apps. Who could say no to that? The 3rd Generation Echo Dot plus Smart Plug would be the way to go. My children love it and I use mine in conjunction with my Smart TV.

The truth is that there are a lot of useful gadgets out there. These may be the top five for you, or you may have your own favourites. At Help off the Hook, explore more ways to to enrich your life and the lives of those around you.

Smart homes are taking the world by storm. This market is expected to reach $69,551 million in 2019 and $53.45 billion by 2022. In this digital era, homeowners can turn on the TV and detect the opening or breaking of windows and doors directly from their smartphones.

With the growing popularity of smart homes, the number and variety of connected home gadgets are on the rise. Customers can now purchase all sorts of accessories to enhance their homes’ appeal and security.

Monitoring devices, smart thermostats, smart light bulbs, and smart speakers are just a few to mention.

But which of these home innovations are worth your money? Are they really necessary or is it just a passing fad? Let’s take a closer look at the five coolest gadgets for a smarter home!

  1. Smart Speakers
    Nearly one in five Americans are now using smart speakers. That’s a staggering 47.3 million people in the U.S. alone. About half of them use these gadgets in the living room and 41 percent in the kitchen.

These high-tech devices have become an integral part of smarthome design. Most models operate as home automation hubs, featuring voice-activated virtual assistants, Wi-Fi connectivity, multi-room audio streaming, and seamless integration with other devices.

  1. Smart Surveillance Cameras
    Smart home surveillance cameras connect to your smartphone and other mobile devices, allowing to detect movement inside the house even when you’re miles away. The latest models feature motion-tracking sensors, video recording, superior audio capabilities, and more.

Most gadgets that fall under this category offer free cloud storage. If you return home after a long trip and something is missing, you can watch hours of footage prior to the event to figure out what happened.

  1. Smart Thermostats
    Electricity and heating bills can drain your budget and cause unnecessary stress. Now you no longer have to worry about these issues.

Smart thermostats feature cutting-edge sensors that will automatically adjust the temperature in your home when you’re not there. Plus, you can control them from anywhere with the touch of a button on your phone.

These gadgets pay for themselves within months. You’ll not only save money but also maintain optimal temperature in your home effortlessly.

  1. Smart Lighting
    With smart lighting bulbs and light switches, you’ll have complete control over the lights in your home. These high-tech devices enable users to adjust light color and intensity, turn the lights on and off remotely, and create the perfect ambiance in any room.

Some models integrate Amazon Alexa and other smart speakers. This means you can use them to play music, close the garage doors, and even adjust the thermostats in your home.

  1. Robo Vacuum Cleaners
    Cleaning the house isn’t exactly the most exciting task, especially if your kids or pets. It can take hours to get rid of the dust and debris that builds up under the coach and other hard-to-reach areas.

Robotic vacuum cleaners make everything a lot easier. Your only job is to press the Power button. These little gadgets create a detailed map of your home, clean everything thoroughly, and even empty themselves when full.

Free Up Your Time with the Latest Home Innovations
These cutting-edge home innovations will save you time and money. They’re designed with the modern customer in mind, offering tons of great features to make your life easier. Time-consuming tasks like cleaning, cooking, and adjusting the lights will never be the same.

Looking for other smart ways to improve your home? Check out these five tips to reduce your energy bills and keep more money in your pocket!

5 Car Gadgets You Shouldn’t Be Driving Without
Think your car comes with everything you need right off the lot? Think again. These car gadgets are sure to improve your driving experience and your budget.

There are hundreds of capabilities you’d love that are unavailable in standard models. But upgrading your vehicle at the dealership costs thousands of dollars.

In 2018, car gadgets are more than add-ons. They take your modern car into the future world of driving.

Digital Trends says, “In our digital age, there are hundreds of gadgets to enhance our daily driving experience and help us streamline our day-to-day tasks.”

Why wait for 2020? With car gadgets, the best of future driving is here today.

5 Essential Car Gadgets for the Future Driver
You don’t have to be a technology buff to be a ‘future driver.’ The best gadgets are simple enough for anyone to use. If you feel there’s something missing in your driving experience, there is sure to be a gadget for it.

It’s time to improve the efficiency, safety, and enjoyment of your driving. We’ve selected five of the best gadgets for you to get started.

  1. Dedicated GPS Navigation Device
    Dedicated GPS navigation may seem outdated. But you’d be surprised what you’re missing by using your mobile device.

First, your phone wasn’t designed for navigation. Smartphone screens are small, and they often overheat. Receiving a call or even tapping your device can drop navigation as well.

Dedicated devices don’t have these problems. Without all of the backend processes of smartphones, they’re much more responsive as well.

  1. Dashboard Camera (Dash Cam)
    Dash cams are becoming increasingly popular. There are two main reasons: security and liability.

If you have a break in, a dash cam will record what happens inside the car and out. Dash cams will also film an accident, providing evidence that holds up in court.

  1. OBD2 Scanner
    An OBD2 scanner is the most common-sense car gadget on the market. These scanners communicate with your car’s onboard computer to identify problems in the system. Who wouldn’t want that in their car?

Not all OBD2 scanners are made equal. You can compare best selling OBD2 scanners to find the device that’s right for you.

  1. Mifold
    Child seats aren’t on the top of every car gadget enthusiast’s list. But if you have kids, wouldn’t you like the safest, simplest, most ergonomic car seats in the back?

The Mifold is an advanced, compact booster seat. It’s a high performer in child safety. And it’s ten times smaller than a regular booster seat, so no more strained backs for Mom or Dad.

  1. The Smart Wheel
    The Smart Wheel is one of the coolest gadgets on the market. This smart steering wheel prevents distracted driving, one of the greatest dangers to drivers and pedestrians alike.

The device snaps onto just about any steering wheel. It detects distracted habits and warns the driver of the danger.

You can even track your driving habits by connecting to your smartphone. Build an improvement plan based on the results. It’s the best non-human copilot you’ve ever had.

Drive Your Brand Forward
The world of car gadgets is a crowded market. But successful brands are distinguishing themselves in these five areas all the time. Think Garmin.

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