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Smaller Gender Pay Gap

For years, women fought hard to receive equal pay with their male counterparts. At last, we are almost done in closing the gender pay gap as one survey conducted by the CONSAD Research Corporation for the Department of Labor concludes that when occupation differences, hours worked, education and tenure is accounted for, the hourly wage gap of male and female employees is “between 4.8 to 7.1%”, closer than it was in 10 years ago.

More Women Pursuing Traditionally Male Dominated Jobs

In Obama’s recent state address, he mentioned a 23-cent pay gap between female and male workers but much of that pay gap exists because of chosen college degrees and line of work. Remove that and the gap goes down to almost 5%.

Women choose caring and people-oriented professions, while men choose science, technology and construction related jobs-the median incomes of these jobs vary from $39,000 to 120,000 respectively. But now more women are taking jobs in male dominated industries. In fact, there’s a growing number of private and government sponsored programs encouraging more women to explore these fields.

The likes of Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, Sarfra Catz, CFO of Oracle, and Phebe Novakovic, CEO of defense company General Dynamics are paving the way for our sisters to join their ranks and break the male domination in these groups.

More Women (Contrary to Popular Belief) are Negotiating for Higher Pay

The 2012 study of the National Bureau of Academic Research found that when it’s evident that salary negotiations are welcomed, women are more likely to negotiate compared to male applicants.

And there’s more evidence to back this up. TribeHR analyzed the salary at 2200 companies and found out that of 20,000 employees surveyed; only 6.2% of male respondents got an increase while 7.4% of the women were successful.

More Laws are Getting Passed to Promote Equal Pay and Opportunity for Women

In 2009, Obama enacted the Lily Ledbe-er Fair Pay Act, which allows female employees to file a case against employers for pay-discrimination even after the 180-day statute of limitation passes. So if you discover a male counterpart is earning more than you are, know that there are more equal opportunity laws on your side-and more women’s right lawyers are available to help you win a case.

More Equal AND High Paying job Opportunities Available for Women

Last year, Forbes listed some of the highest and equal paying jobs for women, such as:

Pharmacist-Women in this industry earn a median of about $98,000 annually, 100% equal to men in the industry.
IT and Computer Science Jobs- We live in the age of tech, and as such people with a knack for coding, analysis and software development are in high demand. Jobs such as information systems manager, software developer, computer systems analysts and programmers are no longer limited to men, as women entering the field are getting fiercer, matching them in the salary and techy-talk department.

More Women are Embracing and Dominating the Business World

More women are holding executive positions and starting their own business. About 30% of companies are owned and managed by women, and together these companies earn 1.2 trillion dollars while providing employment to more than 7 million people.


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