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In 1991 NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) released the classic football game Tecmo Super Bowl. Well before EA Sports Madden Football had a hold on football (NFL) games, which it has had for over a decade now, and even before NFL 2K made Randy Moss arguably the greatest video game wide receiver ever, there was Tecmo Super Bowl.

While the relative population of the world’s gaming population who would rather, or even still play games from an 8 and/or 16 bit console in this modern era of Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 is very small, it may not be as small as you think. Those who still have a Nintendo Entertainment Systems, Super Nintendo, or a Sega Genesis in their possession will find that it is probably in very bad condition, and that’s if it even works at all. But fear not gamers with evolution of the internet some very educated computer programmers/hackers etc. have created emulators so these classic gaming consoles from even more than 20 years ago can now be played online.

Many of these can be downloaded from various sites all over the internet, or can be found with a simple google search. Add to this all the advancements in modern technology and these older games can not only be played on your computer or laptop but tablet, ipad, ipod, iphone, other cell phones and probably many other devices. Considering the size of a these emulators and ROM’s (files of games used) are very small, they do not take up a large amount of space or memory on one’s device.

Now, Tecmo Super Bowl can be played once again using these modern gaming formats. While NES version has had or is beginning to a considerable following (even ESPN documented a Tecmo Super Bowl Tournament in Madison, Wisconsin) and online you can find TSB 2012 and 2013 available for a free download with current roster updates, the Super Nintendo version has somewhat lagged behind. Despite this, there are many bright spots to the Super Nintendo version and that speaks volumes. When games are usually ported, updated, re-released etc. they fail to capture the magic of the original classic. Some of these positives are:


This plays almost identically to the NES version, so you know what you’re getting going in.


This is to expected as the natural progression from 8 bit graphics to 16 bit should improve the graphics-Details brighter more visible colors on uniforms, team logos in the end zones and player halftime stats.

One factor that that goes against the SNES version is the updated rosters. While the SNES version was released in 1993, it eliminated Bo Jackson (TSB legend) and decimated some other teams as players the Chicago Bears powerful defense either aged or retired, but there are some positives: -49ers Montana is now in Kansas City, but you have a peak Steve Young and while he passing abilities slight trail Montana from the NES version, he is far superior physically. In fact, the fastest quarterback in the history of game QB Eagles as he was called on the NES version-Cowboys the SNES game was released during the genesis of Dallas’ early to mid-1990s dynasty, and thus, the Cowboys led by Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin are all in their respective primes and are elite players this time around not just good ones. -Old Legends Randall Cunningham, Dan Marino (and his laser arm), Buffalo (with Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas and Andre Reed), Houston (with Warren Moon and his litter of receivers) are still present and very relevant as they were in the NES version.

What makes this great is now you can play this 20 year old game the same way you play a modern Madden Football game. You can play from the comfort of your own home, against a friend, a fellow gamer or anyone online. Again, a general internet search and you can find Tecmo leagues from players who play online and even have tournaments set up in different cities all over the United States and North America. This platform has brought back other, older classic games and made them readily accessible to those with modern consoles.

One aspect I probably will discuss are editing tools that can be found online and downloaded for free. Some may already be aware of them and use them and some of you may just want to know what they do. As a quick example, let’s take Tecmo Super Bowl which was discussed here. Thanks again to computer/gaming wizards; they have developed a way for you to alter games as we’ve once known them. Now, if you have the time and wherewithal you can change the players’ names, team, attributes, divisions and conference teams play in from TSB, as I noted earlier making an old classic modern. Now Peyton Manning in 16 bits can be the starting QB for the Broncos as they go up against the Patriots led by Tom Brady. Or play a complete 16 game season trying to rush for 2,000 yards with the Vikings Adrian Peterson. The possibilities are endless.

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